Tobacco companies to battle on New Zealand ground

The biggest tobacco supplier in New Zealand is vowing to fight the Government if they introduce controversial plain cigarette packages.

Dull-green cigarette packaging
3 News has obtained documents revealing the dull-green packs may be introduced here next year, and already the battle lines are being drawn.

The Australian government has this week become the first country in the world to pass a law introducing the dull-green packs but they are being sued.

And New Zealand’s biggest supplier says it will take every action necessary to stop the move here.

Tobacco companies are funding these television campaigns in Australia, furious the government there is introducing these plain cigarette packs.

They are dull green, without any manufacturer branding.

But anti-smoking lobbyists say it is nothing to do with being nanny-state. It is about profit.

ASH director Ben Youdan says you cannot advertise cigarettes on television or on sports sponsorship or in magazines.

“That’s been banned for a long time, so the packaging is the last billboard I suppose for smoking.”

And it is a billboard our Government could be next to stub out.

Cabinet papers obtained by 3 News under the Official Information Act show the government has agreed to “actively consider the introduction of plain packaging here in 2012”.

The Australian government became the first in the world to pass plain packaging legislation this week but they are also being sued.

Professor Jane Kelsey says the big tobacco companies like Phillip Morris and British American Tobacco use every legal tool that they can get their hands on to stop tobacco control policies from coming through.

The issue could be a major headache for New Zealand officials trying to negotiate a free trade agreement with America at the APEC summit which started in Honolulu today.

That is because an agreement could give American tobacco companies the power to sue our government for changing their packaging unless a special provision is negotiated.

The largest tobacco supplier in New Zealand, British American Tobacco, would not appear on camera but released a statement saying they will take every step necessary to protect their intellectual property and stop plain packaging being introduced here.

Outdoor Smoking Ban in Some Rural Parks in New Year

Should smoking be banned in public spaces like parks? The possibility of introducing bylaws to restrict outdoor smoking in some rural areas of the Comox Valley will be considered in the New Year.

The idea is being pressed by the B.C. Heart and Stroke Foundation, and had already won some support from municipalities elsewhere in the province.

But regional district chair and rural Area C director Edwin Grieve said while the issue should be discussed, directors needed to be cautious about how far they took the idea.

While a lot of initiatives were well meaning, some also had ramifications – and subsequent bylaws were not easy to enforce.

He added: “Some of the most righteous non-smokers are the same people who used to blow cheap Virginia cigarettes smoke in my face in restaurants.”

Comox Mayor Paul Ives said other jurisdictions were talking about the possibilities, and outdoor smoking was growing as an issue of concern for many people.

And Courtenay Coun. Ronna-Rae Leonard said it might not be just a health issue, but also a wider safety concern.

In some parks, she recalled, smoking or discarded cigarettes had been shown to be the cause of serious fires in the past.

Staff advised directors that current regional district policies banned smoking inside and in the immediate surroundings of CVRD buildings as well as in its vehicles. The only exception was the Farmers’ Institute Building.

While there were no bylaws affecting outdoor sites, such as regional district parks, since 2008 B.C. law had allowed local governments to prohibit smoking “in places available to the general public or in any enclosed areas.”

No decisions have yet been taken, other than to agree to discuss the issue in more detail next year.

How to prevent from gaining weight by quiting smoking

How to prevent from gaining weight by quiting smoking
When we stop smoking, our metabolism changes. When we are smokers, we are feeding our organism with food and with a poison such as the nicotine. When we get accustomed to nicotine, our body treats it like if it was food.

Taking exercise instead of smoking
It’s a hunger like sensation but be aware: its not hunger. Don’t confuse it with the normal hunger for food, its hunger for poison so you must be careful and don’t eat to calm this pseudo-hunger. You will not satisfy this sensation with food. You will only satisfy it quitting smoking and will go gradually in the next few days. In approximately two or three weeks will be gone completely.

So, there are some simple things you can do to avoid to put on weight (or, at least, mitigate the effect of the nicotine withdrawal)

• Don’t substitute cheap cigarettes for candies.

• Do some exercise.

• Convince yourself that you don’t feel hunger for food and realize that eating you will not satisfy the hunger because its hunger for nicotine, not hunger for a meal.

• Eat only at the hours you use to.

• The sensation is not that bad. You can cope with it been absolutely sure about your victory: you know that not smoking in a few days the nicotine carving will go and never will comeback.

Now you are going to control your weight, you must learn to avoid what you DON’T need to stop smoking: nicotine patches and other substitutes.

Celebrities Caught Smoking - 1 Lilly Allen

Remember when Chandler (of Friends) says “Hey, you know, I’ve had it with you guys and your ‘cancer’ and your ‘emphysema’ and your ‘heart disease’. The bottom line is smoking is cool and you know it.“.
Looks like some of these smoking celebrities took that seriously….Check it out!

1. Lilly Allen smoking

Lily Allen in concert at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. 8 May 2009.


Tobacco firm all of a sudden drops New York Dolls tour

LEGENDARY rock’n'roll band the New York Dolls have cancelled their Australian tour after their plans to play a series of tobacco industry promotional events were exposed.

The band’s October tour itinerary, posted on its website, included shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney for cigarette brand Peter Stuyvesant, owned by Imperial Tobacco, along with dates at New York-themed festival the Boroughs.

New York Dolls tour

But the entire Australian tour has been cancelled and the Boroughs website deleted after news of the tobacco gigs was posted on music website Mess & Noise on Monday.

Trade events, where tobacco companies ply retailers and nightclub operators with free alcohol and entertainment, are one of the few promotional tools left to the industry.

Professor of public health at the University of Sydney Simon Chapman said Imperial Tobacco’s actions suggested they were ramping up their promotional efforts before plain-packaging legislation to be introduced today and likely to have taken effect by January.

”I’ve never heard of them bringing international acts out. I’ve heard of them using local acts, though, so it suggests they are getting cheekier,” he said.

Tobacco companies will face fines of up to $1 million for breaching the government’s plain-pack legislation. Tobacco companies are formulating various legal challenges.

The new Australian packaging will remove logos, colours and promotional text from packets that will be coloured a uniform drab green-brown, chosen for having the lowest appeal to smokers. Packaging will include larger health warning images. Brand names will be in a small standard font.

Imperial Tobacco spokeswoman Cathie Keogh initially denied the company had entered negotiations with the New York Dolls or had any trade events planned for October.

However, she later confirmed that October trade shows were being considered and that an unnamed agency had ”commenced discussions with potential service providers including New York Dolls, for involvement in Peter Stuyvesant trade events”.

No one else involved in the aborted tour would speak to The Age and details of the companies involved have been scrubbed from the internet.

The touring company behind the Boroughs festival, Killrockstar Big Dog Entertainment, has deleted its website and Steve Wools and Josh Lefers of associated branding agency Big Dog did not return emails or phone calls.
The New York Dolls’ London-based agent, Ian Fintak, of The Agency Group, did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

Smoker or Nonsmoker?

Is Matt Damon a smoker
I asked a question about Matt Damon: Smoking cigarettes not only leads to asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, and other health issues, it also stains your teeth, causes wrinkles, and gives you bad breath. Can you tell I am not a fan of the habit? It is a stereotype that actors smoke, but some have wised up and quit. Take this quiz and see if you know who still smokes and who has given it up.

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Matt Damon
Your Answer:
Matt Damon smoked for two decades and used hypnosis therapy to quit.

Celebrity Smokers

Thousands of articles have already been written about the health risks ofsmoking. Yet, many celebrities continue to ignore the inscriptions on the boxes which clearly state that smoking harms our health. Some of them even talk about leading healthy lifestyle while secretly smoking in real life. Below are the names of the most hard-core Hollywood smokers.

Hard-core Celebrity Smokers

Kate Moss smokes one pack every day, in contrast to the fact that she wears anti-nicotine patch! Colin Farrell is rarely seen on a photograph without a cigarette in his hand or mouth. Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan can not part with a pack of Marlboro even in a rehabilitation clinic! Gillian Anderson started smoking when she was 14. For the last seven years the whole America watches as Gillian quits smoking, then goes back to being a smoker, then quits once again, and so on.
Lindsay Lohan smoking

Britney Spears “Advertises” Marlboro

Britney Spears once said in 2001 that she hated smokers. Indeed, time changes people since Britney has parted with her innocent image and no longer hides her cigarettes, but rather is a walking advertisement for Marlboro Lights.
Britney Spears Smoking

Smoking Celebrities and Diseases

Patrick Swayze smokes a lot, despite being very sick (he has pancreas cancer). Charlize Theron never parts with her cigarettes at all. Ironically, she has chronic bronchitis. Group of celebrities who share this condition with Charlize includes such people as Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, the late Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and Robbie Williams.
Patrick Swayze Smoking

Smoking as Part of the Style

Furthermore, some stars have to be “the bad guys” simply on the grounds of duty. Snoop Dogg and Amy Winehouse make prominent examples. Furthermore, the list can be easily extended!
Amy Winehouse Smoking

Catherine Zeta-Jones Smoked During Pregnancy

At the same time, there are celebrities who simply refuse to admit this habit to the public. Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of them. She kept on smoking while being pregnant. Ubiquitous paparazzi dug out some photos on which Mrs. Douglas enjoys her cigarette on the balcony of her mansion. At that time Zeta-Jones was in her sixth month of pregnancy. There was a huge scandal over those photos in media, but actress chose not to make comments.
Catherine Zeta-Jones Smoke During Pregnancy

Smoking Spice Girls

Emma Bunton was “caught” at some restaurant with a cigarette while being portrayed as “Baby-spice” in the Spice Girls. Those photos rushed across the whole planet. Yet, Bunton was daring enough to sue, claiming that paparazzi were ruining her “baby-spice” image. In response, the media told the singer to either quit smoking or stop lying in her interviews.
Emma Bunton - Smoker
Victoria Beckham, who is currently a perfect wife and mother of three, used to smoke early in her career. She no longer smokes now, or at least she claims so.
In contrast, another Spice Girls member, Melanie Brown, recently started smoking and is not ashamed of it at all.
Melanie Brown Smoking
As you can see, many celebrities suffer from this bad habit. Some of them keep on smoking even when they are very sick or pregnant. Because of this, they often look worn-out, age faster, and get sick even more often. Don’t follow their lead and to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In the past few years, it has become some sort of a fad for celebrities with a drug problem to seek substance abuse treatment , but some do not come out of it totally rehabilitated, as they jump right into their old lifestyle the minute they step out of the treatment facility. Wonder how many are paying loads to try to beat smoking addiction with no luck either?